Standard Hourly Service Rates for 2022

Production Work

Basic Webmaster Work  $100
WordPress Programming  $120
Custom Programming / PWAs / Mobile Apps  Starts at $150
Content Writing & Research  $120
Automation Campaign Implementation $100
Project Planning $150

Creative Work

Copywriting  $250
Training  Starts at $100
Graphic Design  Starts at $100
Automation Campaign Design  Starts at $125


Paid Ad Management (Google, FB, etc)  Starts at $150
Social Media Management  $100
Affiliate Relationship Management  Starts at $150
SEO Audit & Strategy  Starts at $150


Marketing Consulting  Starts at $250
Branding  Starts at $250
Automation Strategy  Starts at $250


We are not an emergency webmaster service.  If you contact us outside of standard business hours (9am to 5pm Atlantic Standard time) with an urgent request, you will be billed at twice the hourly rate for all time spent on communication and resolving your request out of hours.

Work requests must be submitted through the appropriate channel, which is email sent to  If you contact any individual staff member directly with a work request, it may be delayed as it is not our production teams job to handle new work requests.  You are welcome to communicate directly with our team about work in progress, but new work all needs to come through this email.

To set up a new account, please write to with account type (i.e. hourly only, or one of the three monthly packages) and we’ll get you all set to go.

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