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Don’t leave your website’s success up to chance. If you have an error, we guarantee a solution.

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Not hosted on ManagedWP?

You have two options

Migrate to our hosting, and we’ll fix your site’s minor issues and clean it of malware as part of the migration.  We will then secure it, keep it updated, and support it, so you never have to worry again. Or purchase a one-time quick fix (details below)

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Site throwing an error? Hacked? Come on over to our hosting (Managed package and above). We’ll clean malware and resolve any problems for free, forever, 24/7.

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Our quick fixes cover the following situations

A theme or plugin issue is killing your user experience. You’re locked out of your site and not sure how to get back in. Your site is down or showing a ‘white screen of death.’

If your site is throwing any kind of error, this is the place to start.

Please keep in mind that if your site has been hacked, we will only identify that as the issue. If you migrate to our hosting, we will clean your site as part of the process. Otherwise, we recommend Sucuri’s $200 / year package, which includes malware removal. If you know for a fact that your site was hacked and you don’t want to move your hosting, save yourself $49 and go straight to Sucuri.

For anything other than a hacked site, click the button below for a one-time fix. The one-time fix covers any issue that we can repair within an hour. If it requires more time, we’ll provide a diagnosis and cost estimate for the solution (80% of cases are resolved without further work).