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Managed WordPress Hosting Better than Butter & Honey on Toast.

Our managed hosting goes beyond simply providing completely customized, secured, and speed optimized servers specifically for WordPress.  We support your business online, top to bottom.

World-Class WordPress Support

All of our hosting packages come with our world-class WordPress support – we don’t just support the machines your site lives on, we support your entire WordPress install top to bottom.  When anything breaks, you can come to us, and we’ll help you get to the bottom of it. 

optimized for speed

Our servers are optimized to serve WordPress sites fast.  And if you need more, you can add a CDN with one click.

Fully Secured

Our servers are secured at the most fundamental level – no security plugins needed.  We have a no hack guarantee! 

Happy Managed WordPress Hosting Customers.
“The staff at ManagedWP.Rocks are trustworthy, fair, and extremely knowledgeable. This service makes site management simple. Adding ManagedWP.Rocks to our team rates up there with our super smart decisions. ”
WordPress WordPress Hosting Client Flourish Wellness
Beverly Lewis

Health Sites, Inc

“So pleased I have a managed website now – you’re worth your weight in gold. It saves me a lot of time and anxiety knowing that someone competent is keeping a watchful eye over my site; it stays safe, fully functional and up to date.”
Managed WordPress Hosting Client DCR Wheels
David Hunt

DCR Wheels

“I am so happy with how easy this hosting migration has been. I am truly amazed and wish I had not waited so long! Thanks again for all your help.”

WordPress WordPress Hosting Client High School Math Teachers
Jeanette Stein

“I have to say it is sooo nice not to have to worry about the details of managing and maintaining our website anymore. Thank you so much.”

Managed WordPress Hosting Client American IRA
Jennifer Emert

American IRA

WordPress Servers

Secure, Fast, & Stable Hosting

Our hardware infrastructure is designed from the ground up to be high performance for WordPress Hosting.  We don’t host anything else.  From our firewalls to our caching, everything is done specifically for WordPress sites.
WordPress Servers

Expert Management

We’ve been working with WordPress since 2004.  We know the code inside and out.

We update your themes and plugins for you, watch everything, and work hard to keep your site bug free and running fast.  You just worry about the content.

WordPress Support

Friendly & Helpful Support

Confused?  First of all, we provide tons of articles and video tutorials to help you master WordPress.  And if you still need help, you can ask our friendly staff anything you want about WordPress.  No question is too big or too small.

Common Questions About Our Hosting

Do I Need a CDN?
First of all, you need to understand what a CDN does.  A CDN, or Content Delivery Network, is a network of servers around the world that cache your site statically and then serve it at high speed to local visitors.  This can dramatically improve site load time, which for WordPress can be an issue no matter what host you are on.

Also, many themes these days are javascript heavy, and people can be careless about loading up on plugins or uploading full-sized images.  A CDN can help offset the normal day to day issues that can cause a site to slow down.

However, if you run a low traffic site and are careful about your theme selection and image size, your site should be pretty speedy out of the box on our standard hosting, which is also optimized to run WordPress as efficiently as possible.

Do You Provide SSL?
No.  You can request a CSR and install an SSL certificate on our servers, but we do not sell SSL or include it free with our hosting packages.  We are working on an integration with Let’s Encrypt to bring free SSL to the table, but it is not ready yet.
Is Your Support 24 / 7?
We do offer 24/7 support via email for critical issues.  So no matter what time of day or night, if your site is down, you can fill out our Emergency Service Request form and have managed WordPress hosting server experts looking at your issue immediately.

Our normal site support, which not only covers your hosting but also your WordPress install, themes, plugins, and general site health is available 9 to 5 EST via phone and 6am to 12pm EST via email.

How Do I Migrate My Site?
Once you sign up for hosting, you can either send us a full backup of your existing site or invite as an admin user to your site.   We will then get in touch with the details of a site migration.  We can usually move sites within 24 hours, although in some cases it can take a bit longer.
My Site On Another Server Has Been Hacked - Can You Help?
Yes, we are really very nice.  We are so nice that we will clean up your hacked site even though it is probably your fault or the fault of your old host, for free, before we migrate to our servers.  So if your site is in bad shape, you can sign up for our hosting, and we will clean it up for you as part of the migration process.  You may ask for an address where you can send chocolate as a token of your gratitude.
Wait, I Have a Question Not Answered Here!
Call us at +800.594.2104 or send us an email at and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

We like it simple. 
Fully Supported Hosting Starts at Just $19.95 / mo.